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BankSide Farm
BankSide Farm is a family farm located amongst the lush green pasturelands of the Snoqualmie Valley about 35 miles NE of Seattle.

We raise a small flock of USDA/APHIS Export Certified, purebred registered Black Welsh Mountain sheep carrying a relatively high percentage of champion BWMS/UK genetics.

The BankSide Farm flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep is the only USDA/APHIS Export Certified flock of BWMS in the United States.
Blue Horse Farm and Fiber
Blue Horse Farm and Fiber is a small hobby farm with spinning fiber as our main product.
We have Shetland sheep and Angora goats. Dyed and natural roving is available, as well as raw fleeces. We specialize in luxurious blends. Breeding stock and market lambs are occasionally offered for sale.
Circle B Ranch
Circle B Ranch is a small farm dedicated to breeding the highest quality Black Welsh Mountain sheep. Our sheep come from championship stock and are grass-fed and chemical-free. They produce fine, soft black wool as well as excellent-tasting meat. Their hardiness and self-reliance are outstanding features of this ancient breed. We have several ram and ewe lambs for sale.
Evergreen Fleece Processing
We provide carding, felt, creative product development and retail consignment. Our “No Fiber Left Behind” philosophy lets your fleece meet its creative and marketable potential.
EverRanch Farm
EverRanch Farm is a small Landholding with Sheep as its core product. The sheep provide wool, milk, meat and additional breeding stock. We are concentrating on Shetland Sheep and Gotland Sheep. We also endorse and sell Chaffhaye alfalfa forage product.
Felicity Fibers
Custom Washing and Carding for your precious fiber. Additional services include custom wet- felting, hand spun alpaca yarn, and hand knitted and felted products
Homespun Alpacas
Homespun Alpacas started raising alpacas in 2001, and have been enjoying the alpaca cottage industry ever since. Our herd of 14 ensures a healthy social group without overcrowding on the lush 5 acres of the Homespun farm.

Our products are our hobbies as well as our livelihood, so you may be sure we had great fun creating the products you see in our store.
Julie Über Georgiades
Free pet quality alpacas, great fiber animals! Breeding stock for sale too, show quality. Located in Yakima.
Madrona Grove Farm
We are a small farm in Allyn, WA, located about halfway between Bremerton and Shelton. We raise Shetland sheep and love them for their personalities and fleece. We offer registered Shetland sheep and their raw and processed fleeces.
Marietta Shetlands
We took our name, Marietta Shetlands after our local community. The area now called Marietta was one of the first white settlements (late 1800's) along Bellingham Bay on the northern Washington coast. Just a few miles northwest of the City of Bellingham, it is home to many small farms like ours and is a great place to raise sheep.
Mark Hyman
alpaca wool We currently have over 10,000 lbs of alpaca fiber in stock. Very clean, no VM, all colors and grades suri and huacaya.

$4 to $6 per LBS depending on color and quality

Mark Hyman
16641 Old Hwy 99 SE
Tenino WA 98589

cell: (814) 241-6083
Mountain Niche Farm
We raise Navajo-Churro sheep and a group of interesting crosses out of Iggy, our new Gotland/Blue Face Leicester ram. We offer grass fed lamb, fleeces breeding stock, roving, hand dyed or natural colored yarns both
handspun and millspun, pelts on occasion.

We have 7 years in the Scrapie Certification and Export Monitored Program and will have our acknowledgment soon.
Doug also builds and hosts online stores, pedigree programs for online registries and other database driven websites.
Ovis Aries Farm
Nestled in the lush and fertile Cascade Highlands southwest of Mt. Ranier, Ovis Aries Farm raises white and naturally-colored ARBA-registered "blue" Romney sheep, for gorgeous, versatile wool in very rare colors; healthful, gourmet grass-fed (no grain) lamb high in omega-3s with no hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals; and hardy, healthy, easy-care breeding stock ideally suited to the Pacific Northwest. Animal Welfare Approved certified for grass-fed lamb, wool and breeding stock. /
Paradise Fibers
Paradise Fibers offers spinning fiber, wheels, looms, yarns, exotic knitting needles and more online and at their brick and mortar store in Spokane. We are a small family owned and operated shop and have many hard to find fiberarts supplies at great prices. Call or email the shop anytime for more information 1-888-320-7746 or 509-536-7746. We are open from 9-5 M-F and Sat 10-4.
Pettersson Farms
Here at Pettersson Farms we raise nationally competitive Dorsests, White and Natural Colored Lincolns, Montadales, and Oxfords along with Crossbreds. There is breeding stock and market lambs always available.
We have raw wool available all the time along with many other products such as, rugs, hides, dyed and spun yarn, felt and much more. We also sell gourmet, USDA inspected lamb.
Visits and calls are always welcome and are always willing to talk sheep!
Rain Shadow Rabbitry
Rain Shadow Rabbitry is a small urban farm located in southwest Washington. The farm is home to a pampered herd of Satin and German Angora rabbits.

Young angora rabbits, as well as raw and processed fiber are often available for sale.
RowanTree Woolery
We pledge prompt, courteous service, quality and fair price

We support the textile community, encourage the work of artisans & family business by showing their work whenever possible.
We prefer to offer all-natural fibers and hand turned wood.

Please contact us! Let us know how we are doing! Custom orders welcome.
S3 Farm / Family Affaire
We are located in Eastern Washington near Moses Lake and raise and enjoy fiber animals including Fresian milk sheep, also Lincoln, Finn and Gotland sheep. We also raise ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. We have lambs for sale for spinner flocks, pets, weed control and meat. Some high percentage Gotlands, registered Finn and registered Lincoln as well as crosses.
Sahalee Llamas
Elizabeth Martin
Sahalee Llamas
PO Box 669
Marysville, WA 98270-0669
Sauked In Farm
Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep for sale. Ewes, rams, and wethers. Breeding for the best Babydoll fiber. Visit website for details. Located in Concrete (northwestern WA.)
Schoonover Farm is a 12 acre Skagit farm where we raise fiber producing animals. We raise Shetland sheep as well as Satin Angora rabbits and various fiber goats. We sell their offspring as well as their wonderful fiber.
Sleepy Hollow Shetlands
we are a small farm dedicated to breeding the highest quality shetland sheep and providing beautiful shetland fiber products
Starshire Ranch
Nestled in the hills NE of Ellensburg at over 2900' the goal of Starshire Ranch is to humanely produce high quality dual-purpose sheep. We raise Targhee, Debouillet and Border Leicester sheep for their mothering characteristics, fabulous fleece and wool products, and their ability to produce lean, tender lamb. Coming this summer...4 beautiful Huacaya Alpacas!
Superior Fibers
Quality is a must and is never compromised. Special care is taken with each fleece we process as if it were our own. We never use harsh chemicals in any of our processes. You can rest assured that your fiber will be as soft as nature intended.

Services we offer: roving, batting, felted sheets, laminated felted sheets, fiber comforters, rug roving, dyeing, blending, dehairing and vegetable matter removal.
Thistledown Shetlands &Thistledown Wools
We are a small 10 acre farm located about 20 miles west of Spokane, WA. We raise shetland sheep and are the proud owners of 30at this time. Lots of lambs due in April! We sell our fleeces both raw and processed into roving or batts. Also for sale are shetland wool yarns, felted items like hats, purses and scrafs.
Trickle Creek Farm and Fiber
We raise angora rabbits, angora goats, shetland sheep and a lone nigora amongst the forest, rivers and fauna in the Orting Valley.
Our animals are diligently attended in a natural, loving manner to offer you the finest fiber and happy, healthy pets/livestock! They enjoy herbal hedgerows and organic whole grains.
We also hand make soothing goat milk soaps and shampoos scented only with essential oils. Additionally, we custom chainsaw carve unique signs and create other wood works.
Prov. 27:23
Uber Alpacas ~
Herd dispersal sale!!! Pet quality/fiber animals starting at $100. Breeding females starting at $2,000.
Alpacas, suri and huacaya, white, colors, as well as multi. Pet quality, breeding stock, as well as stud services. Fiber also available.
We show our animals in conformation/fiber classes and have won awards!
Satisfied handspinners repeat customers for our fiber.
Ranch tours available. Yakima, WA
Contact Julie
509 945 5512 NA
Whistlekick Pygoras
Pampered, top-quality Pygora goats and fine fiber for the discriminating handspinner. The prize winning fiber from Whistlekick goats has a sheen like silk, is soft enough for baby clothes or to wear next to the skin, and is very warm. Pygora fiber dyes and felts easily. It can be used on its own or blended with fine wool. Staple lengths are long enough for ease of spinning. Often, we have cute, well-bred, engaging kids for sale to approved homes.
Whistlekick Pygoras
Pampered, top-quality Pygora goats and fine fiber for the discriminating handspinner. The prize winning fiber from Whistlekick goats has a sheen like silk, is soft enough for baby clothes or to wear next to the skin, and is very warm. Pygora fiber dyes and felts easily. It can be used on its own or blended with fine wool. Staple lengths are long enough for ease of spinning. Often, we have cute, well-bred, engaging kids for sale to approved homes.
Whoa Mule Farm
Located at the south end of beautiful Whidbey Island.

Christen Lubinski
7800 S Mortland Dr
Clinton, WA 98236-9210