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18th September 2008
Gretchen Wilson
Bridget was one of our best milkers. She gave us 3 babies each year too. Unfortnately the ligature of her udder broke down last year under a huge milkload. Her udder was dragging the ground and tangling in her hocks! Saddly, fall of '07 I dried her off for the last time and resolved not to breed her again. (She joined our happy band of grandmas who earn their keep with nice fleeces and pets.) BUT...She never quite dried off through the winter; and every month or so I had to milk out a little pouch from her udder. Spring came, the pouch grew faster. I thought it must be the spring grass, or hormones. Soon I was milking her once a week, feeding it to the bummers. When the young moms went into the parlor, Bridget stepped up her production too. Soon, she was at "once daily" and climbing in production, just as the young ewes started to ease off. Now all are dry for fall breeding....but not Bridget. She still gives 2 cups a day- enough for my tea and more. She has been lactating for 18 months!! Unheard of for a sheep. I don't know how long I will be milking this fall........... it's all up to Bridget.