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3rd April 2009
Linda Cortright
Keep the Fleece was meant as an inspired "spin" on "Keep the Peace" which has been anything but what we have experienced with our user "friendly" website. Two volunteers working full time to make the website behave in the appropriate manner and there have been days, if not weeks, when the glitch gremlins have taken up residence. Let me begin by saying that I know you have been anxiously waiting updates and trust me when I tell you that we have been trying to "Keep the Peace" as the website burps and hiccups at the most inopportune times.
>What's Next?
We have partnered with Heifer International to raise $250K to honor the International Year of Natural Fibres, and in response; Heifer has identified April 25th as Wool Day. We hope you will take this opportunity to celebrate wool (fiber!) and host a little knit-in at your home, perhaps approach your local yarn shop for a special event, or do something that will help signify that date as you and thousands of others are enjoying the pleasures of wool.
(Hint: It would also be the ideal time to start a scarf team and spend the time knitting on the World's Longest Scarf. Details at
>You're Invited.
On April 25th, Keep the Fleece along with Heifer International and thousands of others will be Cestari Farms in Churc hville, Virginia at their annual Wool Festival. Frances Chester, is a fifth generation shepherd of Italian descent and has been running one of the oldest cottage industry woolen mills in the country. We would love to have you join us along with a special speaker from Heifer, and of course, lots of people knitting on our scarf. Details at
>Possums, Pygoras and Pekingnese?.....
We have been adding to categories to the Natural Fiber contest including possum fiber (from New Zealand) Pygora in our goat fiber category, and dog hair -- I'm anxious to see if anyone submits a Chihuahua cardigan. We are still trying to make the online fiber contest submission process seamless and so once we again we have been chanting our mantra "Keep the Fleece." If you have already finished your project and would like to get the pictures posted please send us an email and we'll make it happen.
>Talk and Twitter......
Understanding fibers from a global perspective is an important part of Keep the Fleece and I have (somewhat reluctantly) started to Twitter about my fiber travels. If you would like to receive my tweets and see pics, go to and search "Linda Cortright." We also have a new Google Group where you can read what other people are doing for Wool Day along with questions and updates on their contest entries. Sign up today at our website (front page, left column).
>A Giant…
Thank you! I can't say it often enough how much the outstanding support of the international fiber community fiber has meant to the growth and success of Keep the Fleece. There is great comfort in being woven with the world.