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11th April 2009
Gretchen Wilson
Blackhock gave us 3 beautiful white ewe lambs on April Fools day. She fooled us though--she decided not to keep them!! So we tried to fool her back! For years I've heard of devices to "persuade" releuctant ewes to keep their lambs. I've never tried it til this year. We tied Blackhock to a rail and put a 10 inch board along side of her to keep her loosely alongside a wall. She had feed and water free-choice, 24-7. She could lay down comfortably and we kept the area clean and freshly bedded. The lambs could come and go under the board and nurse freely without her interferance. Blackhock was actually quite calm and relaxed in the chute. No stress, no confusing decisions, no responcibilities! We decided it looked pretty good in there! AND... she did not fight the lambs at all but liked them all and let them lay all around her. But for 5 days when I tried her untied, she would start butting at one in particular. The day 6th came-we tried untieing her again. This time-she loved them all! Now she is a dutiful and attentive mom to all 3 babies! The Fool's Chute Saved us a lot of midnight feedings and hassle!