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24th March 2010
Gretchen Wilson
"Bridget was one of our best milkers. She gave us 3 babies each year too. Unfortnately the ligature of her udder broke down under a huge milkload. Her udder was dragging the ground and tangling in her hocks! Saddly, fall of '07 I dried her off for the last time and resolved not to breed her again. (She joined our happy band of grandmas who earn their keep with nice fleeces and pets.) BUT...She never quite dried off through the winter; and every month or so I had to milk out a little pouch from her udder. Spring came, the pouch grew faster...... "

THAT is how I started an article 2-1/2 years ago. Bridget still milks several quarts a week! She enters her 4th year of lactation with no slowing in sight. She gave us a stunning silver fleece this year too. We are greatly blessed by generous Bridget!!
perpetual milker
Comment by granjudy on 28th March 2010
Very interesting. Have any of Bridget's offspring inherited this trait? It could be very useful in situations where nutritional options are limited. For example, for a charity that places small flocks with families, a fleece producing animal that also provides milk, even if no longer producing babies would be more valuable to the recipient.