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Bellingham contingent
30th June 2008
Sit back for a moment - close your eyes - imagine it is 80 degrees - there are sheep baaaaing and people laughing and talking - there you have it - the sights and sounds of BSG.

It was "only" in the 80's Friday and Saturday of last week - today it was 95 degrees - We lucked out!

Here is the "spinner/fiber" contingent from B'ham - It's only the first day and these ladies are having serious fun. The one on the left in the sunglasses is Deb - you'll see some of her fabulous felted items in a few minutes. Our friend Nancy G. is on the far right - She didn't buy any yarn but she bought TWO Bluefaced Leicester Sheep!

When you walk in the front door of the barn where the vendor fair is, be ready for an explosion of color. Every color of the rainbow!

Remember my beautiful basket?(you have to scroll down three or four pictures to see it) That vendor also sold African drums and all kinds of beads, hats, musical instruments, she had it all.

Roving in every color you can imagine (and some you can't) -
and if you didn't want to spin, there were lots of vendors with yarn ready for your project.

This roving color pattern is called "Figgy Pudding" I think it will look splendid plyed with Gwennies fleece from last year. I think I got enough for a light sweater - that will be my HUGE project for the year.

A couple of months ago I took an "Art Felt" class at my local yarn store (also known as a LYS) - the reason you haven't seen a report on it yet is because (she says, hanging her head) I haven't finished it yet!

My tea cozy waits, on a piece of plastic, patiently. It used to shout "finish me" from the kitchen table - but now it's hidden away in the spare bedroom...Pandora's Box, if you know what I mean.

Oops, I digress - back to the BSG report - I took that class from Deb and Deb is a very talented felter.

This lovely item is a Dog Coat. Deb entered the Spinner's Lead on Saturday night with her other one. We found a tiny little lamb in the Thistledown Farm pen and that lamb looked cute as a button in it. Don't you think?

Coated sheep - why not?

Normally we go to Eugene on Thursday and leave to some home on Saturday morning. Every once in a while we'll stay thru Saturday night for the potluck & BBQ (if you like lambit is great - I had salads)

The really best part about staying the extra day is more time to visit with your friends, new and old.
And since most of us were there, we also had a "board meeting" of Washington Wool dot Net.

Well, I couldn't get a very good picture of it, but here it is - Our Blue Ribbon - Well, I guess it is actually The Shepherd's Blue Ribbon (although my sister is quick to point out to me that this is a community property state)

All in all - a very fun weekend - and, of course, plans are already being made to go back next year. Defend our Blue and maybe even come up with another?

Hope you enjoyed your "visit" to the BSG. It is, really, a very fun event.
Coated lamb
Coated lamb
Blue ribbon
Blue ribbon